About The World

Ravenloft is originally a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Compared to other D&D settings, it exists in it's own time and space, but can reach into any other world through different times to claim people. These lost souls will usually encounter a mysterious mist at sudden rolling in, making them loose track - and once it clears, they'll find themselves in a foreign land, seeming far from where they departed.

The mist always have it's own cryptic purpose of claiming people, but these intentions are left in a haze of ambiguity and mystery, leaving it up to the players to unravel the secrets of the realm through their new journey and search for a way back home...

The atmospheric theme of the setting is gothic horror, akin to classical tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Marry Shelly and Bram Stoker - set in a gloomy world and themed by deep moral choices.

We've collected a large amount of knowledge on the setting as well as the theme on our forums - find it here.

The Project and Server

Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mists have existed as a project since 2003 and as a public server since 2005, started by a rapidly growing circle of people who felt the dedicated online roleplayers needed a more suiting medium for their interaction than what was available. As the years have passed, we've continously worked on expanding the world, broadening the opportunies and perfecting the systems. We run on high quality hardware, provided by the collected effort of the community, and are stationed at Aalborg University of Denmark, assuring a perfect gaming environment with high stability and next to no lag.

The Systems

We've done a great effort to try to make the world seem alive, always aspiring toward having the systems and setup offer opportunities of roleplay and contribute to it, rather than simply exist sidelong with it. Wildlife behave as you would expect, and the people of the land move about their chores doing the day and stay indoors at night. Additionally, seasons changing is portrayed extensively, and even has an impact on the way you play the game. For a more detailed list of some of our many custom designed systems, follow this link.

The Roleplay

At the centre of it all this is of course the roleplay - and the roleplay is always either the direct or indirect reason for all other here. We admit that we may be a bit zealous about this aspect, as we expect all players to act in character at all time they are around others. However, in return, we can provide the dedicated roleplayer with some of the greatest roleplay you can encounter outside the confines of the pen and paper table.