Prisoners of the Mist is a Neverwinter Nights roleplay persistent world set in Ravenloft, a gothic horror Dungeons and Dragons setting.

    As a module, we feature more than a thousand unique areas, with a great diversity of sites to visit, people to meet, creatures to fight, treasure and dark secrets to uncover. We have worked hard to provide high quality gameplay, both in terms of balance and continuing challenge, and through dialogue with our players, we are continuingly working to improve that.

    Our greatest emphasis, however, is on character and story. Our ambition is to set the perfect stage for roleplay, and we strive to hone that in all that we do: both in the depth and details of the world, but also in how the game itself is played. To us, that does not mean hardcore realism with all its tedious micro-management and trivial tasks, but that the world and the gameplay is conceivable as real, even if it is all fantasy. We want to give you the opportunity to feel, think and act like you were there.

    With this in the hands of our devoted and talented players, Prisoners of the Mist provides some of the richest and most vivid roleplay that you can experience online. In game, you will encounter a vast diversity of both individuals and groups trying to achieve their aims through story-driven player interaction - whether it's to attain power, fight against evil, or merely survive.

    If all this has caught your interest and you wish to get as quickly as possible into the game, you should look at our "Downloads" section for relevant info. You will find IP address for connection there too. If you need any help or have some questions, we welcome you to use our chat feature or the forum. Otherwise, you are also very welcome to browse our homepage for more info before you jump in to the game.

A world beckons you...

    ...Come join us in the mists

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