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Welcome to the mists!

To play, you need the following installed:

1. Core Game

Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition - If you prefer, you can also get the game through Steam, but buying it directly from Beamdog gives you a steam key in addition to the ability to use their own downloader.

2. Necessary files

All the essential content is downloaded automatically via the in game NWSync when you first join the server.

If you wish to download our haks for the toolset, you can do so here. You will also need to download the CEP, which can be found here.

3. Extras (optional but recommended. Can be installed later though).

Music Package:

Full package available in .7zip format at our main NWVault entry (look under files)
Alternate download in .rar format: here

Extract the package to the "music" subfolder of the "Neverwinter Nights" folder in your "Documents".

Core game modification:

Sky Box:
Custom GUI:
Blood override:

You can also find these downloads on Steam Workshop in this collection.

Additional portraits:

Portrait pack with all player posted portraits combined (Optional):
(Credit to Seniies, Maryn, and Lexicon Devil for putting it together)

Entering the server

You will find our server at IP Address & Port: - use it for "Direct Connect" when in game or find the server "Ravenloft - Prisoners of the Mist" in the server list.

Looking for something else?

Most information about the special features and rules of the server can be found in this forum section: . You can find plenty of resources in our Resources forums or on the Wiki.

But if you have any further questions, you are welcome to ask on the forums or the DMs in game.

Enjoy your stay in the Mists!
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Re: For New Players - How to Get Started (IP Found Here for Direct Connect)
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Hints and tips for new players

If you are entirely new to NWN, Ravenloft or the concept of actual, "true" roleplay, we have a FAQ here. We are passionate about creating an immersive and convincing roleplay experience, so if you are unfamiliar with this kind of play, we strongly encourage you to check out the FAQ so you know what is expected of you before joining.

Even those experienced in playing NWN online may find it difficult getting by here though due to the unique experience. Below you will find a number of useful hints and tips to get by if you are new. (Notice that you can always access these in game by writing out "@read 9" in the talk channel. Also see your in game journal for other relevant texts).

- Roleplaying in a gothic horror setting generally requires that you approach things with caution rather than blindly charging into the fray. This applies to all aspects of the roleplay - support the atmosphere by being receptive to what it tries to do and take your time to let things unfold. It may be easier and at glance more entertaining to play a fearless hero or villain, but it extinguishes the possibilities for the deep, intriguing and ultimately much more rewarding roleplay to unfold.

- Roleplay of course requires other people to roleplay with. While we encourage you to primarily let the roleplay occur naturally through your encounters with other PCs, these encounters sometimes fail to occur on their own. If you have trouble finding other players and get involved in roleplay, use our "Looking for Roleplay" system to locate others who are also lacking roleplay partners and at the same time allow them to locate you. Use the commands "@lfrp" to opt in and "@lfrp list" to see a list of players currently looking for roleplay.

- Generally, surviving on your own in the lands of dread is not easy and will leave you struggling to get by. A good way to find perduring allies is by joining one of our many factions. For more information, contact a DM, visit our forums or seek them out in game.

- While the natives of Barovia in general are xenophobic and unwelcoming to outsiders, Half-Orcs, Drow and any other beings with "freakish attributes" such as wings, horns, tails etc. are regarded as monstrous and may be attacked on sight. If playing these races or carry such features, it is suggested that you cover your face when entering civilization (by wearing a helmet or hood), or that you avoid it altogether.

- Magic is generally both awed and feared among the natives of Barovia, and will cause strong reactions and even hostility. As such, its use has been prohibited near civilization in Barovia, and it is generally advised that you are cautious in revealing your magical abilities to natives.


You may also want to check out wildflame's unofficial new player guide for a quick introduction to key elements.
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